Monday, May 12, 2008

The Dirtbombs -- We Have You Surrounded (2008)

The Dirtbombs -- We Have You Surrounded (In The Red)

Mick Collins is yet another charismatic Detroit rock ‘n’ roller. From Iggy to Ted Nugent to Jack White and Wendy Case, the Motor City is teeming with idiosyncratic rockers who want to kick your ass, but in their own personal way.

Listening to this album, it is clear that Collins strongly disagrees with Sammy Hagar’s claim that “there’s only one way to rock.” Although The Dirtbombs are usually found in the garage rock section at your local hip record emporium, the limitations that are associated with the retro genre are exploded by Collins and Company time and time again. On the latest Dirtbombs plate, Collins touch more bases than the Detroit Tigers, while never losing the band’s identity.

You want classic R & B flavored garage rock? Look no further than “Ever Lovin’ Man”. Relentless guitar riffing, Collins pleading over an insistent rhythm, and a major hook-filled chorus, his pleading becoming shouting.

Maybe you’d rather dance? Collins rigs up a Midwestern version of LCD Soundsystem on “Wreck My Flow”. The relentless disco beat is doubled up by keyboards. Collins unleashes a laundry list of beefs with the world. It’s a pet peeve party and you’re invited.

This is followed by the inspired “Leopard Man At C & A”. The lyrics are taken from an Alan Moore’s Negative Man (issue # 35 to be exact -- and yes, I Googled that). The Dirtbombs place the defiant lyrics in the midst of tribal drumming cacophony and glammy guitar lines from the Ziggy Stardust era. Great track.

Collins also taps tunes by Dead Moon and Sparks for Dirtbombs treatment. The Dead Moon cover, “Fire In The Western World” is a good companion to “Leopard Man” with military style drumming and more strong lead guitar lines. Meanwhile, the ‘bombs do a very faithful cover of “Sherlock Holmes”, and uncharacteristically sweet tune from Sparks’ 1982 new-wave masterpiece Angst In My Pants. Dig Collins showing off his falsetto.

And for those of you who don’t like songs at all, “Race to the Bottom” is 8 minutes and change of feedback, reverb and other sensory overload. It’s the song Wilco wanted to do, but didn’t have the balls to!

The Dirtbombs -- something for everyone. Well, everyone who likes their rock ‘n’ roll with a twist. And I didn’t even get to the song sung in French.

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