Saturday, April 16, 2011

Playlist -- Record Store Day DJing at Laurie's Planet of Sound, April 16. 2011

It was an honor to DJ at Laurie's Planet of Sound, the great record store in Lincoln Square, for Record Store Day. I went up after Nicholas Tremulis and Bun E. Carlos (yes, that Bun E. Carlos) played a few tunes off the Candye Gold EP. Ended up doing almost 75 minutes of vinyl. Here's the playlist.

M.I.A.- California Dreaming (the SoCal punk band, not the Sri Lankan egotist)

Beastie Boys - Rock Hard (the second rap single from the band is ultra rare, pulled from the market due to unauthorized use of AC/DC's "Back in Black")

Sweet - Paperback Writer (From a BBC Session)

Sparks - This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both of Us (acoustic version which was the B-side of the band's awesome 1986 "Change" single).

Think Tree - Hire A Bird (odd band from out East, this song is quasi-industrial pop brilliance)

Mega City Four - Shivering Sand (Stunning single from fourth-wave British punk band fronted by the late, great Wiz)

The Equals - Police On My Back (The original of this tune popularized by The Clash, whose version is defiant, whereas this version, done by an interracial band, including songwriter/guitarist Eddy "Electric Avenue" Grant, is subsumed by resignation)

John Kongos - He's Gonna Step on You Again (South African singer. This tune was covered, quite successfully, by Happy Mondays)

The Sugarplastic - Here Comes The Mouth (Hey! Something from this century! A cool song from the awesome Sugarplastic 7 X 7 singles series on the awesome Anna Borg's Tallboy Records)

Wah! - Come Back (This Peter Wylie song is pretty much one gigantic fucking hook)

Dirty Looks - Drop That Tan (This mod-power pop band's debut album was simply awesome. I could easily hear Ted Leo do some of the songs on this platter)

Comateens - Ice Machine (Fantastic white funk dance number from this NYC band)

The Thought - Every Single Day (Album openers don't get much better than this slice of psych-pop from a swell Dutch band)

The Angels - No Secrets (This Aussie band was thinking man's heavy metal, circa 1981. Powerful guitars and the great growl of Doc Neeson)

The Sorrows - I Don't Like It Like That (Most of this NYC band's material was more Merseybeat-tinged power pop. This is more garage rock, but with massive production)

Didjits - Headless (From the 45 version, which has a different vocal than the Hornet Pinata version. For a few years, Didjits were maybe the best punk band in the world)

The Brains - Money Changes Everything (Of course, Cyndi Lauper did a nice version of this, but she didn't capture the desperation of the original, by this fine Atlanta, GA band)

Get Smart - To The Nines (Cool Chicago band with one of the wildest drummers I've ever seen. Top flight post-punk)

Nick Gilder - You Really Rock Me (Mr. "Hot Child In the City" is a glam-pop god. How he didn't have more hits is beyond me, as this song smokes)

Neil Young - Sample And Hold (Stayed Canadian with this mix of dirty guitar and vocoders and synths from the unjustly maligned Trans album)

Linton Kwesi Johnson - Making History (Ended with the legendary reggae dub poet, which was a pretty good handoff to the next DJ, Mark Richardson of Pitchfork Media, who started off with some R & B jams in what sounded like a good set -- until I had to leave to get some lunch!)

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