Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Site update (i.e., the lack of updated posts)

Due to a host of reasons, I have not been posting as much lately. I hope to change that to an extent in the next few weeks.

One way I'm going to do so is to go back to doing some capsule reviews, like I did at Part of the reason for fewer reviews is that I struggle to write expanded reviews for every album. Sometimes, I just don't need that much space. For example, I've been trying to expand upon the first solo record from Deena of The Cucumbers for weeks. But I can put together a long paragraph and tell you why I think it's a darned good pop record (which it is). So that's what I'm going to do.

Most of what I review is comprised of things I've bought. But folks do send me discs, and artists like Chris Hickey, Dipsomaniacs, Michael Carpenter and The Resonars deserve reviews a bit sooner than I've been able to kick them out. And I intend to correct that (and look for reviews of those artists and more, soon).

On a related note, I have to apologize to artists who have e-mailed me about reviews and received no response. I've been hesitant to take in more music when I feel so behind. But that's no excuse for not sending a polite reply. That will change as of today.

I plan to get a review or two up tomorrow and get back to two or three reviews per week. Ciao!

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